The Nine Pillars of Effective Water Utility Management

To achieve the desired utility outcomes in the areas of operations, infrastructure, customer satisfaction, community welfare, natural resource stewardship, and financial performance, one needs to understand the continuous dynamics involved in the upkeep of vital infrastructure

The Transformation of South Africa’s Water Infrastructure through Digitisation Not Optional

We have the ability to help water and wastewater utilities address many of the acute problems communities face – including prolonging the life span of aging infrastructure, pipe leaks, vandalism or other abnormalities in the distribution network, as well as remediating water quality, service levels and upgrading supply, by fostering water conservation and increasing revenue growth through operational efficiencies.

What Causes Odour in Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Finding and solving any odor problem can be tricky, but the first step is to identify the source of the problem. Unpleasant smells could derive from raw wastewater being exposed to air at the pump station and primary clarifier stage, as well as any other stage of the treatment process.

What Is Corporate Sustainability

Increasing water scarcity is one of South Africa’s greatest challenges. The local demand for water supply in South Africa has increased, making the effective governance of available water resources to achieve water security and equitable allocation of water resources more difficult. Companies have to improve their environmental footprint by reducing their carbon emissions and switching to new more efficient technologies.

South Africans Water Development Plans

Water sources themselves can be contaminated, but in addition, some outdated treatment systems can cause more harmful by products to develop. We know that not all treatment techniques and technologies are created equal with regard to their ability to remove impurities and illness causing pathogens from treat water.