According to the 2022 Green Drop Report –  R8,141,644,365 will be the damage to restore South Africa’s sewage and wastewater facilities to basic functionality.

Large municipalities require reliable and intelligent systems that require engineering oversight and the proper operation. South Africa has a huge problem with the maintenance of its systems and should adapt solutions that are more flexible, efficient and intelligent – many don’t consider this to be a priority and non- scientific leadership slows down the maturation of the new technology revolution.

The Membrane aerated biofilm reactor (MABR) has shown remarkable results in treating domestic wastewater. This technology provides a revolutionary improvement in aerobic wastewater treatment. With  high nutrient removal and energy efficiency, by far surpassing traditional wastewater treatment systems in overall performance and longevity.

The MABR solution, in form of the SUBRETM, can be easily retrofit into an existing plant, this enables the modernisation and efficient use of the facilities already present.

Upgrading to the MABR:

  • Retrofit capacity ranging from 2,000-100,000 m3/day
  • Process air outlet
  • Installation in an existing anoxic basin
  • Process air inlet
  • Adjustable base
  • Utilizes existing aeration system
  • Eliminates internal nitrates

This is a solution that can be quickly and easily installed with outstanding results.

Retrofit and expand your wastewater treatment plant with the MABR SUBRETM, for enhanced biological nutrient removal with low OpEx and zero footprint.

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