Atyrau Oil Refinery (Kazakhstan)

Atyrau Oil Refinery (Kazakhstan)

Modernization and expansion of oil refinery for increased production capacity, conforming to Euro-5 standards. Three phases.

  • Location: Atyrau, Kazakhstan
  • Project: Pre-fabrication and installation of piping, mechanical installation, paint and insulation.


The country’s increase demand for upgrade of an old facilities, is an advantage as it would allow for the setting up of industries of foreign companies to cater for the local market and for export. 


Implemented in three phases and completed in 2015.

The project was designed to enable the refinery to increase crude oil refining capacity to five million tonnes a year and achieve an output that conforms to Euro-5 standards.

The first phase of the project involves the reconstruction of the atmospheric and vacuum distillation plant, for producing light products such as gasoline, diesel fuel, or gas.

The second phase involves the construction of an aromatics complex. The complex will enable the production of 133,000t of benzene and 496,000t of paraxylene on an annual basis, as well as petrol and diesel fuel to the Euro-4 standard. The third phase of the expansion project will add new fluid catalytic cracker units, including other processing equipment to meet European environmental standards of oil production.