The cutting edge desalination projects worldwide reflects the growing need to counteract declining groundwater and river quality levels.

Based on 2022 figures from the International Desalination Association, there has been a notable surge in desalination plant installations worldwide, with approximately 22,800 plants in operation, capable of producing 110 million cubic meters of fresh water per day. This marks a significant increase from the 18,000 plants recorded in 2017, which generated around 97 million cubic meters of water daily. These desalination facilities play a crucial role in providing drinking water to approximately 300 million people and supporting agricultural activities in arid regions, as well as sustaining the operations of mining industries. It’s noteworthy that the desalination process typically requires around 1.5 litres of extracted water to produce 1 litre of desalinated water.

The escalating demand for desalination solutions underscores their immense potential in addressing South Africa’s water challenges and ensuring a sustainable future for its communities and industries. And that why we specialise in bringing cutting-edge desalination solutions to Africa, so that businesses and communities can gain access to cost-effective services that ensure a consistent, reliable, and safe water supply.

Benefits of Desalination:

Diversification of Water Supply: Desalination offers a means to diversify water sources, reducing dependence on dwindling groundwater and river reserves.

Consistent Water Quality: Desalination technologies ensure the production of water meeting stringent quality standards, guaranteeing a reliable supply of safe drinking water.

Rapid Deployment: Packaged desalination solutions, such as NIROBOX SW (for seawater), NIROBOX BW (for brackish water), and NIROBOX FW (for fresh water), enable swift installation and commissioning, addressing urgent water supply needs.

Operational Efficiency: Desalination plants are designed for energy efficiency and minimal environmental impact, providing sustainable solutions for water treatment and supply.

Embracing desalination not only meets an immediate necessity but also represents a strategic investment in safeguarding South Africa’s water security and fostering economic development in light of mounting water scarcity.

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