Eco-Friendly Alternatives: Quantifying the Water Footprint of Paper

We all remember the panic during the coronavirus pandemic, when people started to stockpile disposable surgical masks, toilet paper, tissues, sanitary wipes and other paper-based hygiene products and the demand skyrocketed.  In 2020 South Africa consumed 1 992 424 metric tonnes per annum or an approximate average of 35kgs per capita consumption per person. The […]

WISA 2022 Biennial Conference & Exhibition 

SANDTON CONVENTION CENTRE  The WISA Biennial Conference & Exhibition is the flagship event of the Southern Africa Water sector where regional and international water professionals get together to share their expertise, knowledge and find probable solutions to over ongoing water challenges.  MEB and FLUENCE are both global companies with 12 years experience in South Africa. A […]

Is Drought Simply the Absence or Shortage Of Rainfall?

Defining a drought is not that easy and it often depends on who you ask, the South African Weather Service explains on its website. Most would consider a drought as a period of unusually dry weather that persists long enough to cause issues such as crop loss and water supply interruptions. But because dry conditions […]


As communities face water supply challenges amidst continued population growth, urbanization, prolonged and severe droughts and climate change, water reuse is attracting increasing attention. MEB will be hosting a webinar, solution driven conversations are vital for the future of our country and moving towards a more sustainable way of living.

The Benefits of Packaged Water Treatment Plants

At a municipal level, modular packaged water treatment plants are suitable for meeting the various water treatment needs of growing communities, whether in metropolitan or rural areas. Packaged water treatment plants must conform to all the existing and changing regulations of the future and are designed to be adaptable and flexible.

Marine life: South African bays polluted

Sewage treatment, also known as domestic wastewater treatment or municipal wastewater treatment – is any water that deteriorates in quality through anthropogenic influence and comprises of liquid waste discharged by communities, businesses, industry, and/or agriculture, and can come with a wide range of potential problems.

Water Rights in South Africa

Every day large amounts of toxic effluent are discharged into the ocean either down the drains or via the wastewater treatment plants. Water rights refer to legal rights to use water from a specified source. Water rights authorize entities like property owners or private companies to use, sell, divert, or manage the water. The Constitution is very specific about water, a resource that is essential to all life. The electrolytes in water render it an essential part of daily nutrition.

Water-Smart Energy Modelling

Energy generation processes require excessive amounts of water. The African continent needs to adequately plan water shortages into their energy planning models to ensure more sustainable energy planning, design and implementation to avoid water quality deterioration and environmental pollution.