What if we told you that you could have all the information you need, when you need it, right at your fingertips – alerts on irregular water consumption, leaks, including pipe breaks or the danger of flooding, all in real-time? From public areas to hidden spaces, the system gives you the tools you need to identify, act fast, and respond immediately – all via remote operations, to minimising the damage.

Welcome to a world of smart and convenient solutions for assessing and controlling your water infrastructure

Smart water monitoring systems enable you to detect water flows in various areas and pinpoint exact spots of any leaks or damaged pipes. These systems also enable you to get an in-depth insight into water consumption patterns so you can adjust and adjust your system accordingly.

Using integrated smart water monitoring systems saves money by getting real-time alerts when there are any plumbings or pipelines that need maintenance or repair. This ensures that you don’t have to pay for unnecessary plumbing work, or else risk an expensive repair bill.

Our advanced systems are robust and built by the best technology innovators on the in the market. Using smart water monitoring solutions enables you detect any fault before it becomes a major problem and to reduce irreparable damage, further lowering your OPEX. Increased savings will help you elevate your business toward a more sustainable trajectory. Plus, by using an impeccably designed smart water monitoring system that gives you the option of customising based on your individual usage profile stored in the system’s database.

For projects that require large-scale implementation, our bespoke infrastructure management solutions are designed to optimise the output efficiency of your systems to maximise cost savings. We use intelligent monitoring and predictive analytics to help ensure that projects are fully compliant with current industry regulations. This is extremely important when it comes to infrastructure investment and reducing the wear and tear from inadequate management of the issues that present themselves naturally over time. 

Our smart water automation and monitoring solutions can help you manage your water consumption; It provides alerts in real-time when irregular water consumption is detected, so you can take immediate action to prevent water wastage. Smart water monitoring also helps you avoid any potential contamination due to dirty water in the system. Any signs of contamination can be detected early and assist you with mitigating any hazardous exposure.

WASENS: Smart Water Monitoring

WASENS Smart Water Monitoring systems are designed to detect any changes in water pressure, flow rate and potential water leaks, as well as providing real-time alerts. This sophisticated solution works through a combination of sensors and devices. The advanced system is able to detect changes in water flow and pressure, which can be used to find any potential water leaks or blockages. With an added benefit of it being used to transmit data to the operator or owner’s smartphone or other device, alerting them on any changes in their water usage or pressure.

The solution can also be used to adjust the water usage of a household, reducing the amount of water wasted and helping the user save money on their water bills. This can be done through the use of automated algorithms that regulate the water usage of a household and monitor for any abnormalities.

Smart Business Operations

Businesses and commercial properties can benefit significantly from Smart Water Monitoring. Being able to monitor and detect water usage in real-time helps businesses save on their water bills, detect any water waste or unseen water leaks and helps them adjust their water usage where needed.

Leak detection and monitoring systems are part of Sustainable Buildings, and provide:

  • Main Leak Monitoring and Detection;
  • Local Water Controller;
  • Secondary Measurement;
  • Separate Water Metering; and
  • Irrigation Control.

The system is petite and discreet, making it suitable for almost any space. For homes, industry and commercial properties, the monitoring system can be connected to a more comprehensive automation system, allowing the user to monitor, control and adjust water usage from a central cloud supported platform.

At MEB, we understand the need for tailored, comprehensive smart building solutions that are specially designed to suit the needs of successful business operations. We use intelligent monitoring and predictive analytics to ensure that projects are compliant, while our innovative digital solutions provide project owners with insights into the performance of their assets.

With Smart Water Monitoring, businesses can save money, reduce water waste and stay on top of their water usage – all in real-time. By providing bespoke solutions, we enable businesses to capitalise on the potential of their operations, by unlocking the full capacity of their investment.

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