Eco-Friendly Alternatives: Quantifying the Water Footprint of Paper

We all remember the panic during the coronavirus pandemic, when people started to stockpile disposable surgical masks, toilet paper, tissues, sanitary wipes and other paper-based hygiene products and the demand skyrocketed.  In 2020 South Africa consumed 1 992 424 metric tonnes per annum or an approximate average of 35kgs per capita consumption per person. The […]

WISA 2022 Biennial Conference & Exhibition 

SANDTON CONVENTION CENTRE  The WISA Biennial Conference & Exhibition is the flagship event of the Southern Africa Water sector where regional and international water professionals get together to share their expertise, knowledge and find probable solutions to over ongoing water challenges.  MEB and FLUENCE are both global companies with 12 years experience in South Africa. A […]

Is Drought Simply the Absence or Shortage Of Rainfall?

Defining a drought is not that easy and it often depends on who you ask, the South African Weather Service explains on its website. Most would consider a drought as a period of unusually dry weather that persists long enough to cause issues such as crop loss and water supply interruptions. But because dry conditions […]


As communities face water supply challenges amidst continued population growth, urbanization, prolonged and severe droughts and climate change, water reuse is attracting increasing attention. MEB will be hosting a webinar, solution driven conversations are vital for the future of our country and moving towards a more sustainable way of living.

Microplastics in Water: Threats and Solutions

The problem with plastic, is that it does not decompose, it disintegrates and disseminates. South Africa’s plastics and packaging sector is one of the biggest contributors to the African market. The South African plastics market has been valued at approximately US$3 billion. South Africa accounts for about 0.7% of the world market and per capita consumption of plastic.

South Africa Is the Third Best Solar Location in the World

Many African nations, from East, west, north to south are joining in on the booming solar power sector. Grid-connected solar PV development and off-grid systems are increasing rapidly on the continent, where the sun almost always shines. Corporations in South Africa are moving away from Eskom’s coal-fired power to more greener and sustainable sources.

Reducing GHG Emissions through the efficiency of urban water supply

Modular package water treatment offers a reduction in cost and broader options to the end user. A modular package plant can be assembled in stages, based on demand. Conservative models in the design of urban water management systems and their corresponding infrastructure using centralized solutions, have undoubtedly failed in terms of cost effectiveness, lack of modularity and adaptability.

From Water Wars to Power Trips

the effects of climate change will be combined with an ever-increasing number of people requiring more scarce resources – will, as a matter of fact, lead to regional instability and social unrest, as seen in the past.