The EPC are leading the revolution as Eskom speeds up the roll-out of thousands of kilometers of power lines. Building of structures beneath power lines remains a major issue in South Africa still.

As the National Transmission Company of South Africa is set to be established later this year, the Eskom Transmission Division will increasingly rely on the engineer, procure, and construct (EPC) contracting model.

In Southern Africa, the adoption of digital transformation is poised to become a pivotal necessity that will help combat the power challenges.

Introducing specialised technological enhancements into an organisation or community presents a unique set of challenges, particularly when contending with aging and deteriorating infrastructure.

In the realm of technology, a “comprehensive solution” entails a wide array of advanced technologies and services packaged into a unified concept, meticulously designed to meet specific parameters. It offers a holistic approach to resolving various challenges by providing a comprehensive solution or system.

Despite the growing urgency to embrace new water and energy infrastructure, a significant portion of Sub-Saharan Africa’s developing population feels that the pace of technological advancement is insufficient to cater to the evolving needs of urban communities in the region.

MEB specialises in alleviating the challenges that accompany the implementation of advanced technology solutions, aiming for more efficient and favorable outcomes, whether in the realms of water, energy, or monitoring. It is crucial to explore technologies that address issues related to the effective utilisation and planning of new infrastructure development.

Our goal is to expedite the construction, execution, and administration of transmission infrastructure. This objective is particularly relevant in a situation where the absence of a power grid is cited as a significant hindrance to the expansion of new-generation facilities.

Our team comprises enthusiastic professionals with over a decade of experience in innovating, designing, and implementing new technologies, poised to lead your sustainability journey into the next phase.