As communities face water supply challenges amidst continued population growth, urbanization, prolonged and severe droughts and climate change, water reuse is attracting increasing attention. MEB will be hosting a webinar, solution driven conversations are vital for the future of our country and moving towards a more sustainable way of living.

Climate Resilience for Agricultural Practices & Agroforestry

Climate change is caused by greenhouse gas emissions, that cause the air and ocean temperatures to rise, resulting in snow and ice to melt and ending in floods. Land adaptation from natural to managed ecosystems, is necessary for food production, but continues to occur at very high rates with significant water impacts.

The Nine Pillars of Effective Water Utility Management

To achieve the desired utility outcomes in the areas of operations, infrastructure, customer satisfaction, community welfare, natural resource stewardship, and financial performance, one needs to understand the continuous dynamics involved in the upkeep of vital infrastructure

Technology for Sustainable Development

MEB has specialises in the mitigation of the growing pains that come with the implementation of advanced technology solutions, to more efficiently generate favourable results – whether in the water, energy or monitoring sector. It is important to investigate technologies that solve problems relating to the efficient use and planning of new infrastructure development.

Marching into Water Month with Confidence

We have all the solutions needed to secure alter for communities in Africa. Our solutions give you full flexibility in choosing the right system for your current circumstance, from medium to large-scale water and wastewater systems.