Solar energy produces power without releasing greenhouse gases in your home or business, and is a completely renewable source of energy. The cost of making power from sunlight is steadily decreasing, leading to many uses that affect us in our daily life.

There are several daily uses of renewable energy, including:

  1. Power supply for infrastructure 
  2. Satellites in orbit
  3. Solar Transportation
  4. Powering your business
  5. Commercial power generation
  6. Solar Lighting

Photovoltaics can provide an economic energy source as increased demand and production capacities drive down costs. Harnessing solar energy to replace traditional methods that take a toll on the planet is the best alternative known to modern society. Instead of burning fossil fuels like coal and natural gas, governments should take advantage of the infinite energy of the sun to power homes, cars, and appliances.

Africa’s most-industrialized nation will not recover from the power cuts known crippling economic activity, known as load shedding, since the near collapse of the grid in 2008. Many South African businesses are not waiting for government to fix the energy crisis, which is driving a major boom in small-scale and utility scale solar. South Africa’s biggest listed food maker turns to solar. There   energy transition we all have been patiently waiting for.

We understand that power outages or blackouts can cause major problems at your business. Data loss, productivity, security and even profits can all be the fatal consequences. But in addition to the related inconvenience, the cause of power interruptions can also damage sensitive electrical equipment. MEB is your energy expert that will supply you with the best solutions on the market – so don’t hesitate to make contact with our passionate staff today!