During the height of an era of technological optimism in Africa and the world – new innovations remain the lifeblood of a thriving economy. Brave new heights have been planned for the near future, placing a very youthful continent at the forefront of development.

“Technology is best when it brings people together.” There is no linear economy, especially in the African context. Reuse in an environmentally feasible way, engaging the community in acknowledging the waste all requires an experienced project partner that implements proven emerging technologies.

The fourth industrial revolution calls for state of the art smart city designs, and what could be more ambitious than designing an entire urban center from grassroots up, where nothing other than nature existed? This question puts a new perspective on the future with smart infrastructure and technologies at its center. Major projects certainly exist in developed countries, but the developing world hosts its own share of greenfield smart city aspirations and designs, that will soon come to show.

At MEB we focus on economic sectors like agriculture, mining, or property development, among others; this allows us to concentrate on the most urgent interventions needed to reduce environmental factors affecting poor communities. Protecting water sources and biodiversity or reducing greenhouse gas emissions is highly important and transformative in mitigating social ills and improving workers’ rights; and home in on specific parts of maintenance processes.

These key features are integral to the Smart Village design:

  • The participation of rural communities in informing and delivering new solutions.
  • Strengthening the economic, social and environmental resilience of rural communities.
  • The implementation of new technologies and digital services to address the needs of rural communities.

Learn more on how we reduce energy and operational costs while delivering reliable, safe and efficient solutions.

Smart Villages are integral in sustaining communities of the future, that want to survive in a rapidly changing environment and continent. Let us help you build on your existing strengths and assets as well as on developing new projects. Speak to us today!