Is Drought Simply the Absence or Shortage Of Rainfall?

Defining a drought is not that easy and it often depends on who you ask, the South African Weather Service explains on its website. Most would consider a drought as a period of unusually dry weather that persists long enough to cause issues such as crop loss and water supply interruptions. But because dry conditions […]

Water Supply Interruptions Affect South Africans

Many communities battle with water supply interruptions throughout South Africa. Lots of areas are impacted negatively with no alternatives or experienced technology partners. Water production interruptions or inadequate treatment of water and wastewater supplies can cause major waterborne disease outbreaks and other challenges.

Infrastructure Delivery Management System (IDMS)

As the population increases, a greater demand for domestic, industrial, agricultural, and municipal water becomes more urgent. Smart water management of potable and wastewater improves the health, food and water security of communities plagued by disease and water scarcity. Our revolutionary solutions help accelerate response plans by identifying vulnerable value chains, including infrastructure locations, and critical areas, by designing tailored interventions that improve access to clean water in urban, peri-urban, and rural areas of South Africa.

What Is Corporate Sustainability

Increasing water scarcity is one of South Africa’s greatest challenges. The local demand for water supply in South Africa has increased, making the effective governance of available water resources to achieve water security and equitable allocation of water resources more difficult. Companies have to improve their environmental footprint by reducing their carbon emissions and switching to new more efficient technologies.

South Africans Water Development Plans

Water sources themselves can be contaminated, but in addition, some outdated treatment systems can cause more harmful by products to develop. We know that not all treatment techniques and technologies are created equal with regard to their ability to remove impurities and illness causing pathogens from treat water.

Financing Water Infrastructure

MEB has over the years identified better opportunities and solutions to assist with closing the finance gap for water infrastructure. In order to improve the water infrastructure planning process, we base our designs and plans on the development objectives of our clients and provide continuous support to help analyse the best options available to develop these objectives into a workable financing model that is established with current challenges in mind.