Taking it beyond the conventional “take-make-waste”-model, a truly circular economy aims to accelerate growth, and focus on inclusive, socio-economic benefits and solutions. It encompasses gradually decentralizing economic activity and reducing the over consumption of finite resources and designing fit for purpose infrastructure that is adaptable and scalable.

The 3 E’s

The 3E`s are pivotal to a country’s economic sustainability and success. Improving the economy, by promoting a just energy transition and environmental protection, will help communities, investors and businesses to thrive in today’s rapidly changing world. Green economies provide an additional platform for ambitious municipalities to achieve their sustainable development goals. The green economy will variate in character in different communities, depending on their level of development and spatial planning. It is important to recognize that cities face different challenges.

Helping you create circular business models

By optimizing the product life cycle, reuse and effective waste management we create robust solutions with modular systems. We have the know-how in building resilient cities with bespoke circular business models, that reduce consumption and minimise carbon emissions. With us, you have a project partner that is driven by data collection, digital forecasting, and design excellence.

Our technology supports decision-makers and business owners define their future sustainability, by providing in-depth coverage of the entire value chain from IoT, energy storage, water, power, energy, oil and gas technologies. Speak to our experts to get the full rundown on what we do, where we can assist and how quick we can get you there; and most importantly which technology innovations on our portfolio are compatible with your challenges.

MEB Energy is an engineering, procurement and construction company that specializes in the implementation of patented centralized and decentralized high-tech water and wastewater treatment plants.