South Africa ranks as one of the globe’s least energy-efficient countries. We consume roughly 40% of Africa’s electricity and stand as the 11th largest emitter of greenhouse gases worldwide. Our country’s heavy reliance on energy has resulted in a critical shortage of reserves, putting the stability of our electricity supply in jeopardy. Our energy consumption patterns have detrimental repercussions for our economy, environment, and public health.

Draft South African Renewable Energy Master Plan (SAREM) 

As per the preliminary Masterplan, South Africa aims to participate in the expansion of solar photovoltaic (solar PV) and wind energy technologies. Globally, in 2021, these technologies achieved an average cost of $0.048 (equivalent to R0.86) per kilowatt-hour (kW/h) for solar PV and $0.033 per kW/h for wind energy. In South Africa during the same year, the costs were comparably R0.375 per kW/h for solar PV and R0.344 per kW/h for wind energy technologies.

Sarem’s aspirations are not only clear but also deeply rooted in the drive to harness the increasing interest in renewable energy technologies. This drive goes beyond merely advancing industrial capabilities; it encompasses a profound commitment to fostering an inclusive phase of development. This development is intricately intertwined with the transformative potential unlocked by renewable energy and cutting-edge battery storage systems. W

hile Sarem’s objectives are firmly focused on this mission, its alignment with South Africa’s broader decarbonisation goals might appear somewhat serendipitous.

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Green finance, a subset of sustainable finance, places a special emphasis on environmental objectives. It evaluates whether investments contribute to vital goals like biodiversity preservation, water and marine resource conservation, pollution prevention, the advancement of circular economy practices, or efforts related to climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Funding Environmentally Friendly Infrastructure

A green finance taxonomy (GFT) serves as a classification system or directory that outlines a minimum set of assets, projects, activities, and sectors eligible to be categorised as “green” in accordance with international best practices and national priorities. It offers a useful tool for investors, issuers, and other participants in the financial sector to effectively track, monitor, and showcase the sustainability credentials of their environmentally conscious initiatives.

The transition of South Africa to an equitable, resilient, low-carbon green economy necessitates a coordinated effort from a range of economic actors. A taxonomy plays a pivotal role by providing a shared language and agreed-upon methodologies to determine eligibility. This, in turn, empowers different economic players to identify and respond to investment opportunities aligned with specific objectives, such as the transition to a green economy. Additionally, it supports coordination among these actors. Consequently, taxonomy can serve both as a risk management tool and a means to guide and redirect finance toward environmentally friendly activities, helping markets mitigate the impact of climate change.

Selecting the right technology partner is crucial when it comes to implementing and benefiting from green technology. With MEB, you can trust that all your financial inquiries will be expertly handled. Our extensive portfolio of affiliated companies, global technology providers, and a highly skilled team of local experts are ready to assist you in various critical areas:

1. Carbon emissions reduction.

2. Smart systems integration and IoT (Internet of Things).

3. Sustainable management and preservation of water and energy resources.

4. Transitioning to efficient, intelligent processes.

5. Pollution monitoring and management.

6. Power generation.

7. Water treatment.

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