It’s 2022, a year filled with uncertainty in the water sector, much like the preceding years. Decentralized systems remain one of the best solutions for small, medium to large scale water and wastewater treatment requirements; to provide efficient services to residents.

Decentralised water and wastewater treatment consists of a variety of methodologies to collect, treat, and dispose or reuse wastewater for corporate, industrial, or municipal facilities, estates and entire communities.

Where a centralised community treatment system is unavailable or unsustainable, a decentralised system can provide a flexible, cost effective and robust alternative.

Conventional idea around centralised water treatment systems is that they can treat large volumes of water at high rates to supply residences, businesses, and industries – but what if we told you that our modular and decentralised solutions can outperform regular centralised systems on more than one or two parameters?

Here at MEB we are accustomed to consistently raising the bar, by providing next generation decentralised Turnkey Solutions for a plethora of applications, such as:

  • Small communities
  • School campuses
  • Malls
  • Resorts
  • Golf courses
  • Industrial plants
  • Mining, or oil and gas camps
  • Construction sites
  • And more.

Learn more about our range of pre-assembled and fully customisable, decentralised water and wastewater treatment solutions,