The importance of choosing the right water service provider is pivotal to the success of your project.  We have worked with some of the most complex and intricately designed decentralized water treatment systems across the world to ensure robust systems and pure drinking water for a lifetime. As such, our solutions are designed to service you for the duration of its lifetime, and MEB offers a range of maintenance services to ensure your systems works optimally.

As a turnkey solutions provider, we extend our expertise to the ongoing maintenance and repair of our systems. As water demand increases; more complex solutions need to be considered. By factoring in the maintenance of your MEB water treatment units, you can ensure minimal plant downtime. As a leading full service water service and technology provider, it makes sense to trust us with your service requirements and upgrades of essential equipment.

We offer flexible options to suit specific requirements:

  • Maintenance Services for MEB solutions
  • Bespoke Design and Installation
  • Modernisation / Retrofit Programmes

MABR and NIROBOX Comprehensive Maintenance Services

MEB designs, assembles and installs a wide range of water and wastewater solutions for hundreds of buildings and communities worldwide. We offer flexible service packages that target specific needs in relation to scope, schedule and finances. These specialized packages offer various levels of service comprehensiveness and is based on your individual requirements.

Turnkey Solutions / EPC

Our Comprehensive turnkey solutions packages are designed to sustain the condition of the plant throughout its lifecycle. The comprehensive solutions cover the systems for servicing, breakdown, and limited repairs under normal working conditions. A key benefit we allow specific budgeting for machinery maintenance, as well as a scheduled management of the equipment.

Repairs and Replacement

Over the past 10 years, we’ve kept detailed records of almost all of the plants we’ve designed, built and installed. This means we can use historic information and experience to upgrade aged or damaged components.

As leaders in the industry, MEB provides the latest innovations to upgrade current plants. By evaluating your needs and the current condition of the equipment, our technical teams can suggest a range of alternatives that include retrofit or total replacement. Additionally, there may be new, innovative features that better suit particular water quality requirements where existing plants are out dated.

Our experienced project management team can plan upgrades to your water systems without the disruption to ongoing processes. With over a decade in the industry, the team at MEB Energy has the technological capacity and expertise to repair, service and upgrade equipment both within our extensive portfolio.