MABR Reduces Aeration the aeration is one of the most important mechanical processes in Wastewater treatment, by forcing air into the wastewater to remove dissolved gases and to oxidize dissolved metals, including iron, hydrogen sulfide, and volatile organic chemicals (VOCs).

Aeration is known to be the most energy-intensive operation in wastewater treatment, amounting up to 80% of plant energy costs. Fine-bubble diffusers are very advantageous for aeration efficiency (mass of oxygen transferred per unit energy required). However, older municipal treatment plants are still using coarse-bubble or surface aerators.

The MABR Packaged Solution

Aspiral™️ MABR Solution is a groundbreaking smart packaged wastewater treatment system that is  now being used all around the world. The solutions is equipped with the best diffusers on the market.

There is a suitable configuration for all your wastewater treatment needs.

  1. Aspiral™️Micro: 5 m3/day
  2. Aspiral™️ S: 50 m3/day
  3. Aspiral™️ M: 120 m3/day
  4. Aspiral™️ L: 300 m3/day

We provide versatile systems for complex projects. The benefits of reduced energy costs is not the only benefit of using the MABR technology. Contact us today to learn more.