Water Footprint: Benefits of CO2 accounting

The “water-energy nexus” is a broad term that encourages organizations to understand and consider the relationship between energy and water systems; and their many interrelated tradeoffs. In a future that will almost certainly be characterized by more water shortages, a growing number of extreme weather events and greater efforts to reduce greenhouse gases – it will be increasingly important to consider the interdependencies of these resources.

Water Sensitive Airports for South Africa

Inaccurate estimates lead to inadequacies in basic design information for water-based services that could lead to decreased service provision and inequitable water distribution, that will affect airport operations. Habitual water stress leads to increased water restrictions or use fees at airports – meeting the water needs of essential facilities like airports requires upgrades in water infrastructure.

Climate Resilient Future for Megacities in Southern Africa

Climate change and population growth are well-known factors of water stress in urban areas that manifest mainly through changes in the water cycle. Urban challenges of climate change include droughts, floods, melting glaciers, sea-level rise and storms that intensify with rapid urbanization, and have a devastating impact on water quality and economic growth in a water scarce country like South Africa.

From Water Wars to Power Trips

the effects of climate change will be combined with an ever-increasing number of people requiring more scarce resources – will, as a matter of fact, lead to regional instability and social unrest, as seen in the past.