The Republic of South Africa is the third-largest economy in Africa and the highest primary energy consumer on the continent. With the correct implementation of Renewable Energy Policies, South Africa could cost-effectively and carbon consciously, supply 49% of its electricity mix from renewables in the next 8 years.

Realizing the true potential of embedded generation early on can increase sector coupling capacity in transportation. Even the mining sector alone already has 6.5 GW of renewable energy projects in the pipeline, valued at approximately R100 billion. Landmark deals ranging in $8.5-billion are said to help South Africa achieve its carbon neutrality goals and reduce dependence on coal.

Accelerating the implementation of private public partnerships in the deployment of renewable energy, will help sustain employment by allowing other industries that rely on a steady power supply to flourish. MEB has championed changing the energy landscape and advocates the shift in the national policy to allow for the private sector’s entry into the energy. Switching from fossil fuel energy to renewable energy sources could save trillions, a recent report involving the University of Oxford has found.

Net-zero sources like photovoltaics are more affordable, providing the opportunity for a project to obtain net-zero energy. More organizations are using renewables with storage technologies, to help harmonize the grid and seamlessly integrate into the distribution system.

MEB is a leader in the development, design, and operation of renewable solutions, alongside a rich portfolio of successful high-quality projects. Let us place you at the forefront of the clean energy generation movement for a sustainable net zero transition.