Johannesburg houses the richest square mile in Africa, yet it still battles with unnecessary water woes. Water issues saw Helen Joseph Hospital’s taps run dry this month. At least three consecutive days – Saturday, Sunday and Monday – the Helen Joseph Hospital located in Auckland Park, had no water. The chief executive of Helen Joseph, Dr Relebohile Ncha, confirmed that the hospital had been experiencing water interruptions, due to reduced supply from Johannesburg Water.

Custom Hospital Water Treatment Solutions

Safe and reliable water is needed throughout hospital operations – for steam generation, humidification, ambient heating, cooling, sterilization of surgical instruments, dialysis treatment – and so the quality of water has a huge impact on the health, safety and comfort of your patients and staff.

However, often the management of the water systems is left to multiple suppliers and service providers, making management complex and time consuming. More than 50% of the energy and water expenses for hospital operations can go toward proving basic services. MEB works with healthcare facilities to provide water treatment solutions that reduce water and energy consumption, this keeps hospital operational costs under control and reduces the negative environmental impact from hospital wastewater.

Large potable water treatment systems such as in hospitals, clinics and rehabilitation facilities often require supplemental solutions to ensure all toxins are removed for water that is in pristine condition.

MEB’s team of engineers have designed and implemented bespoke solutions, while achieving patient health and safety. People who rely on healthcare facilities are often vulnerable individuals with a high risk for contracting Legionella and other water-borne pathogens. In fact, over 30 % of Legionella outbreaks reported in the past 20 years were associated with hospitals and long-term care facilities.

MEB’s certified staff has decades of training and experience in creating hospital water treatment solutions that reduce operating costs and maintain safety standards for your healthcare facility. To learn more about our bespoke healthcare water solutions for your hospital, clinic, lab or other essential care facility. Call us to learn more!