Climate change may be with us for a very long time, so understanding how to adapt is crucial in creating a sustainable future and maintaining healthy communities. It is becoming increasing difficult for municipalities to provide safe potable water and reliable wastewater services, which inevitably affects water quality, and healthy ecosystems.

There are some important Adaptation Strategies that offer ways to address water management challenges. Water, waste and climate change are three inseparable subjects of great importance for the wellbeing of communities around the globe.  Looking at Johannesburg’s current heat weave and Durban’s recent flooding disasters, we have to admit that now is the time for a drastic change in mindset – out with the old in with the new.

Water utilities are the backbone of a reliable supply of clean water to communities and contributes to the sustainability of many sectors, including energy generation, food security, and manufacturing. Did you know that a drought can result in impacts to water utility operations, including: Loss of water pressure and water supply, even sewage processes are affected by reduced water levels?

The effects of climate change can make it more difficult to properly manage pollution resulting from human interference. Water quality improvement and monitoring is one of the primary strategy for ecosystem protection – when water is in excellent condition and is treated according to standard, the environment and wild life benefits.

Water quality issues, extreme heat, and waste backlogs faced by communities; unfortunately exacerbated by climate change, are a major driver of water stress and food scarcity. South Africa’s increasing water stress requires urgent informed interventions, with public private partnerships that are passionate about technology innovation and want to provide long-lasting solutions.

Reducing public health risks through the provision of water treatment services is a sector that we have specialized in for over a decade. MEB’s team of specialists understands the complexity of large scale project implementation and the financial limitations of governments, whom struggle with the maintenance of public health facilities and the wellbeing of its citizens at large. Our advisory team comprises of engineers and strategic partners with proven successes in the design of energy efficient water technology around the globe.

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