MEB is a not only a pioneer in technology implementation, but an outstanding prime service provider, with large project support capacity. A heightened interest in the wind, water, solar and waste-to-energy industry has increased over the past decades; since the Government has introduced various incentives designed to promote renewable energy generation and investment. This means, a significant number of utility-scale projects are expected to be built in the near future. Building an economically sustainable energy generator can only be achieved by working with experienced partners and proven technology.

Engineering Procurement & Construction

Engineering, Procurement and Construction is a type of agreement mostly used for complex infrastructure projects in the renewable energy industry and power sector.

Solar PV and wind are overall the cheapest new-build generation options for South Africa and with the back up of our long-standing partners in renewable energy and efficiency; we generate renewable, environmentally and cost-effective energy for diverse facilities and applications through the development of independent infrastructure in remote and urban areas.

We have a large array of scalable solutions, with remote functionality and high quality, robust designs.

  • Solar PV panels
  • Wind turbines
  • Off-grid solutions

A strong and balanced EPC contract is a key requirement for the launch of a project’s financial viability and stability in the long run.  Increasing the supply of renewable energy would allow us to replace carbon-intensive energy sources and significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

We take care of essential project related requirements, with fixed contract and completion dates and a single point of responsibility, for efficient execution. Reducing your liabilities by taking advantage of efficient performance and realistic milestones, remains the focal point of our service offering.

MEB`s efficacy in managing owners risk makes our EPC Solutions, the construction contracts of choice for the best project financing possible. Speak to us today!