The world has changed rapidly in the recent years, from overcoming a global pandemic to dealing with the detrimental economic impacts of the Russo-Ukrainian war. Africa has the resources to assist Europe with its energy crisis, thus creating a mutually dependent, technology-based and equity backed multilateral cooperation for the African continent.

Giving the floor to Africa in its REPowerEU plan, Europe envisages the continent to help restore decreased Russian gas by importing LNG from 14 countries. Europe’s energy security problems have led to a rejuvenation of the interest in African gas reserves. New deals have been signed with Algeria and Angola by Italy to increase exports, whereas the other European Union members’ states look into with Egypt and Nigeria. Developing African nations are sourcing foreign investments to urgently close infrastructure gaps for the facilitation of the exporting of natural gas – and to additionally safeguard against economic volatility.

These are the top 10 African countries with massive gas deposits:

  1. Nigeria – 5,8 Billion Cubic Meters

According to the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), Nigeria has proven gas deposits of 5,8 billion cubic meters.

  • Algeria – 4,5 Billion Cubic Meters

Algeria ranks 11th in the world, 2nd in Africa, in terms of proven natural gas reserves and accounts for approximately 2% of the world’s total reserves.

  • Senegal – 3,3 Billion Cubic Meters

Major discoveries made in Senegal since 2014 have made the west-African country an attractive destination for oil exploration companies.

  • Mozambique – 2,8 Billion Cubic Meters

Mozambique holds roughly 2,8 billion cubic meters of proven natural gas reserves, accounting for approximately 1% of the world’s total.

  • Egypt – 2,1 Billion Cubic Meters

According to the International Trade Administration’s 2021 Energy Resource Guide, the transcontinental north-African country has proven natural gas reserves of approximately 2,1 billion cubic meters.

  • Tanzania – 1,6 Billion Cubic Meters

Tanzania’s proven natural gas reserves are 1,6 billion cubic meters, according to the Ministry of Energy.

  • Libya – 1,5 Billion Cubic Meters

Libya has a proven 1,5 billion cubic meters of proven natural gas reserves, Libya is a major exporter of natural gas utilizing both LNG and pipelines to Europe.

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