It is imperative for installed water treatment systems to be designed with the utmost care and consideration for possible problems that could occur down the road. To avoid any major issues, choosing a service provider that trains its experts to master the technology behind each system they design. We have the best water engineers and technologists, whom are trained and certified through international proven methods for the respective technologies.

Taking the wrong route, in terms of a project partner, can have devasting effects on the overall project and its lifecycle. With us, you have a technology company that focuses on putting the needs of the end user first. Our customer-centric approach assists with on the ground monitoring and control, by incorporating state of the art innovation to practical and effective use.

Our core service offering encompasses a broad range of packaged solutions, to enable you to clearly direct the trajectory of your project to where you envisioned it be. 

Our experts bring with decades of experience in:

  • High standard of service
  • Tailored service offerings
  • Advanced technology implementation
  • Low CAPEX and OPEX solutions of stellar quality
  • Outstanding water quality.

Public-Private Partnerships serving many communities
Municipalities may engage a private water services provider to supply water and sanitation services. The regulatory framework provides for a range of institutional arrangements to ensure the provision of water services, as envisioned by laws and regulations of the country, each however coming with its own set of benefits and challenges.

Our experience in working around the world, enables us to create completely bespoke, yet standardised and robust solutions for our clients.

We are always building on more than just experience, but are supported by:

  • A world-class portfolio of solutions
  • Skilled Team of Experts
  • Responsive Systems and Proven Technology.

MEB understands how B2B works, most Municipalities and Organisations are thinking on a grander scale. We only bring the best solutions that integrate with existing processes and solve overall bottlenecks in service delivery or quality. 

Give one of our experts a call and learn more today.