Renewable energy technology is playing an integral part in the future energy mix. The future of electricity infrastructure designs must seamlessly integrate with existing conventional power and water systems. Africa has abundant supply of many essential raw materials or resources required to harness clean sustainable energy and water.

Due to the widely dispersed sources and applications, it becomes a complicated matter when faced with making the decision on whom to rely on to design your system. Moving away from large centralised solutions, with a narrow view on the diversified risks and solutions in smaller grid supply areas and the interconnected power pools is the first step in creating a sustainable maintenance model. Through real-time monitoring, controlling and the use high performance software tool to enhance computational power, you get the absolute most from the projected yield from your system. MEB has access to a large portfolio of devices, that make monitoring grid connectivity and activity a breeze, making the exchange of information with power and water systems as seamless as possible.

Africa’s energy mix comprises of fossil fuel-based power generation as the sole largest electricity generation in Africa; contributing to approximately 60 percent of the continent’s electricity output. Hydropower and coal also contribute to large sources.

Hydropower provides around a fifth of Africa’s current installed capacity, but the continent uses not even a tenth of its total hydro potential. However, seeing the benefits and costs reduction in the application of solar, biomass, wind and geothermal energy is the prime driver of the increased investment into the African continent. Larger economies should prioritise renewable energy, while acknowledging that fossil fuels, coal and nuclear will likely remain an essential part of the overall energy mix in parts of Africa, as is the case with many developed nations.

MEB has a balanced portfolio of solutions that are designed to suit your individual needs and complex environments, requiring the utmost care with design and implantation. Our support service models for electricity supply can change the way you operate and take your organisation to the optimal performance levels – to guarantee the sustainability of your system with lower emissions to compliment it.

We don’t think we can solve the energy crisis with a technology or financing option, but with solutions combining the perfect balance of all these essential project components. Thanks to our team of super passionate and highly competent experts involved in the design, testing and implementation of these solutions, all you need to do is focus on making your profits grow. Call our offices today!