South Africa’s larger strategy around the facilitation of a Just Energy Transition includes shutting down approximately 22GW of coal by 2035, representing almost 50% of South Africa’s installed capacity. This means that there is huge potential for renewable technologies that are commercially economical and of course Turnkey. Consecutively, the Department of Energy is in the process of finalising it´s gas master plan – this masterplan will see 3,000MW of gas introduced into its energy mix. The aim of the Department is to submit the plan to parliament by March this year.

At an infrastructure management level, systems in all areas can experience, what we define as “Growing Pains” – the problems encountered by an organization that is not been fully equipped in developing its internal “infrastructure” to the extent necessary to support the size (measured in revenues or budget) and/or rate of growth as per the business models applied.

Communities and organizations need to be ahead of whatever market volatilities in the energy sector could affect business operations. Eskom established a Just Energy Transition (JET) Office in 2020 and we are yet to feel the “significant strides to progress the evolution for transition towards a cleaner and greener energy future” among the people who suffer the most. Accordingly, JET’s vision focuses on achieving “Net Zero” carbon emissions by 2050, with an increase in sustainable jobs and access to equitable energy.

Solutions from our Portfolio

Looking at the right application for the challenges faced by a community, municipality or even manufacturing plant, is essential in paving the way to a successful project.

Waste-to-Energy: the reuse of resources will play a very important part in proving equitable access to energy.

Solar Power: Using the abundant power of the sun to harness energy is an ingenious way of accelerating the very transition we long for.  Solar Power is undoubtedly one of the best solutions with the ability of being implemented rapidly; especially on the African continent.

Wind Power: Africa accounts for less than 1 percent of global installed wind capacity. Wind energy is a by-product of the sun. An IFC commissioned study found the potential for wind power in Africa to have an astonishing technical wind potential of almost 180,000 terawatt hours (TWh) per annum — 250 times more than the entire continent’s electricity needs.

Advanced Hardware and Software Solutions: For Real-time efficiency and risk mitigation, having all essential systems at hand, can be a game-changer in operations requiring a steady supply of power. By deploying dispatchable computing to renewable energy facilities, a network of sustainable systems that work in unison with your operations is created.

MEB brings in unique Infrastructure Design excellence, by:

  • Helping you bring in the right people and technology together, at the right time. While that may seem obvious, it is not always an easy task for an organisation.
  • Seamless integration of Technology with modern IoT systems.
  • Attention to detail in evaluating processes and potential risk.
  • Perfectly installed scalable solutions.
  • Systems back-up through cloud computing.
  • Supplying energy efficient Technology for water treatment and power generation.
  • High-quality smalls and modular designs.

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