There is a significant reduction in renewable implementation at scale, not because there aren’t any projects or land, but due to grid connection capacity constraints. Developing utility scale projects, in provinces that are more densely populated, with sensitive environments and a higher number of underprivileged communities makes even more challenging to realistically make a long-term impact.

However, to address the grid constraints, South Africa has to speed up the process of availing more grid connection capacity. Solutions are available but time is not on our side, South Africa needs multi-billion Rand upgrades in the the country requires new power lines and substations. This could take up to almost a decade, a decade this country doesn’t have. Bringing the private sector in early on in the planning phase is pivotal, even though it must be noted that South Africa’s power crisis goes far beyond the privatization of the energy sector, but digs deep into the fabric of a country with great economic potential.

Focusing on emission conscious operations, smart water use and rehabilitating aging infrastructure by refitting them with advanced solutions will help mitigate the acute challenges faced by the most vulnerable communities. Our service offering is the pillar in which we trust while assisting communities with adapting to the impacts of climate change, restoring dignity, as well as protecting watersheds and catchments to ensuring equitable access to safe water.

Our Services at a glance

● Feasibility study

● Design and planning

● Engineering and procurement

● Supply and construction

● Installation and commissioning

● Operation and maintenance

MEB thrives on transferring technical skills to the local youth while providing the community with better hygiene and sanitation infrastructure. MEB also helps drive awareness about the need to conserve water and the long-term success of MEB´s business as well as the sustainability of the communities that we operate in, hinges on the efficiency of our advanced technology and experienced professional experts.