Threatened by water scarcity due to severe drought, South Africa has a lot of development work to do. MEB Energy brings together key innovators from the energy and desalination industries, water utilities, governments, financing institutions and communities together, with the aim of supplying clean drinking water and energy, to support the reduction of CO2 emissions from existing water infrastructure and to scale up the use of clean desalination technologies through coordinated efforts.

How do we continue to bring prime turnkey solutions to South Africa, even with continued blackouts and water cuts you ask?

  • Mapping and analyzing potential markets for clean energy powered desalination.
  • Implementing energy efficient solutions
  • Integrated and real time monitoring.
  • Innovation, development, and demonstration.
  • Education, training, and skills transfer

We specialise in life cycle cost reduction, by optimising the cost of producing thousands of cubic meters of water through desalination. Before we design, we consider all CAPEX (including debt servicing) and OPEX, adjusted by plant operating factors and parameters.

The new cost-efficient and environmentally friendly methods of desalination use up to 80% less energy than its peers. By reducing the demand that drought places on our traditional water supplies, be rest assured that you are in trusted hands of specialists that are pioneers in conserving precious and finite water for domestic and industrial use.

MEB Energy, connects the most innovative and ambitious innovators in the water sector to provide solutions delivering access to clean water and sanitation for all. Together with local leading companies we leverage the benefits of innovative and sustainable water technology.

Still haven’t heard about the revolutionary NIROBOX family of solutions? Move away from inefficient, energy intensive treatment units and join the future of water desalination. The NIROBOX desalination units prepare seawater, freshwater and brackish water for drinking, irrigation, and aquifer recharge — and the units fit inside 40-foot shipping containers. Contact us for more.