South Africa is one of the driest counties in Africa. Tourism tends to be concentrated in warm and dry areas and seasons; chronic water scarcity affects local populations, the environment and other essential sectors. Tourism water use has long been overlooked, but has gained (renewed) interest as a result of the realities of climate change. In many tourism destinations, a sustainable water system is untenable.

A report showed a thorough investigation of how tourists reacted to the development of a water crisis. For key moments, it showed the immediate impact on bookings.

NIROBOX™️ smart packaged desalination

The NIROBOX™️ is the perfect solution for resorts that struggle with the consequences of poor resource management, drought and climate change. A modular, scalable & highly efficient NIROBOX SW offers recovery rates of up to 50%, the lowest chemical and energy consumption in the market, reducing overall environmental impact.

Tourism gives great potential for the water sector to grow, in that it facilitates the development of more spaces and efficient use of resources. We are here to help explore the best possible way to bring you clean water. Contact us today!