South Africa continues try and strengthen municipal capacity and coordinate projects more effectively through a variety of structures. Inappropriate governance and institutional arrangements in managing national water services has a devastating effect on vulnerable communities.

Adding to that, depletion of water resources through pollution, environmental degradation, and deforestation places more pressure to implement solutions that are geared to be efficient, innovative and intuitive, with enough room for growth and capacity changes.

Generating clean, safe water in an energy conscious way has always been a challenge faced by many companies, municipalities and essential departments and increasingly becoming more difficult, due to climate change, power cuts and the pollution of the environment, to name a few.

Water sources themselves can be contaminated, but in addition, some outdated treatment systems can cause more harmful by products to develop. We know that not all treatment techniques and technologies are created equal with regard to their ability to remove impurities and illness causing pathogens from treat water.

Runoff from agricultural lands for instance very often contains pesticides, fertilizers, salts, and fine sediments from surface erosion. These pollutants can contaminate surface and groundwater water supplies, increasing treatment costs for downstream users and degrading fish and wildlife habitat at an alarming rate. Efficiency improvements that reduce excessive water use and withdrawals can reduce these water quality problems. Before making a big decision like implementing an essential water project, it is important to engage a technology, project management and design partner that has a proven track record and the ability to adequately support you after installation and handover of the plant.

MEB engineers have identified the solutions fit the treatment needs. Most water treatment facilities do recycle and reuse the water that flows back to maximise on operational costs. Our team will identify and highlight the benefits of utilising smart technology solutions such as a reduction in water loss, high recovery and energy efficiency coupled with excellent automated monitoring and alert systems. We have a range of services and solutions to help you choose the right processes for your project or existing system. Nothing will give you more flexibility than our modern and modular water treatment packaged plants.

Our team deliver the optimal solution to protect and develop a better way of solving modern day problems that have been proven worldwide. Unsustainable financing of investments in water supply and sanitation also have increased due to the complex nature of choosing an experienced technology partner with the capabilities to transform non-functional systems into a solution that works in sync with an advanced modular water and wastewater treatment solution.

We deal with the most seasoned technical innovators, that are taking the global water and wastewater sectors by storm with its pure efficiency in the quality of product water and energy consumption used during the process.