Human Rights: Water Poverty in South Africa’s Provinces

Many South African provinces have been suffering with water issues. Administration is suspected to have used the water shortages in the various locations for nefarious ends. Claims of deliberate sabotage continue to plague the public. Too many South Africans experience growing up without clean, safe drinking water.

Water Footprint: Benefits of CO2 accounting

The “water-energy nexus” is a broad term that encourages organizations to understand and consider the relationship between energy and water systems; and their many interrelated tradeoffs. In a future that will almost certainly be characterized by more water shortages, a growing number of extreme weather events and greater efforts to reduce greenhouse gases – it will be increasingly important to consider the interdependencies of these resources.

Relationship between Sludge Content and Disposal Strategies

The beneficiation of sludge is encouraged through the South African Wastewater Sludge Guidelines to ensure sustainable sludge management. However, not all the sludge produced in South Africa is of such quality that it can be used beneficially, which leaves disposal as the only feasible option.

Containerized Mobile Water Treatment

Mobile or semi-permanent containerized water treatment plants are constructed in the container itself. The container is modified to perform the function of a control room and water tank. Our NIROBOX™ and MABR solutions are state-of-the-art, plug-and-play water and wastewater treatment plants housed in a standard shipping container. They are designed to supply high-quality drinking water or treat domestic wastewater.

Water Sensitive Airports for South Africa

Inaccurate estimates lead to inadequacies in basic design information for water-based services that could lead to decreased service provision and inequitable water distribution, that will affect airport operations. Habitual water stress leads to increased water restrictions or use fees at airports – meeting the water needs of essential facilities like airports requires upgrades in water infrastructure.

MABR Technology: Persevering despite Energy Poverty

In times of load shedding, choosing the right wastewater solution can be a major factor in protecting the environment and communities. MABR technology is the most efficient wastewater treatment solution on the market and has proven to perform well, even under uncertain circumstances.