South Africa will run out of water in 2030 unless there is a complete change in the mind-set about the true value of water. Approximately 400 million people lack access to basic drinking water and travel an average of 30 mins daily to obtain water.

The economic growth rate for most of the sub-Saharan countries has been sluggish. Adding to the bone of contention; sub-Saharan Africa loses 5% of their GDP annually due of lack of access to clean water and inadequate sanitation

Environmental experts and water service organizations have long stressed the significance of wastewater reuse in protecting the environment and decreasing the consumption of over-utilized freshwater resources. Governments are now beginning to heed the advice given by many activists and are making provision for broad-based reuse projects, which ultimately cost less than the environmental impact of inadequately treated wastewater.

To help South African municipalities formulate approaches to mobilize public and financial support to adopt water reuse strategies for water treatment in small to large-sized applications, MEB recommends incorporating reuse systems wherever possible. The membrane aerated biofilm reactor (MABR) solution is an innovative technology that enables the upgrade of municipal activated sludge plants.

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