South African water utilities are one of the major consumers of electricity, with future power demand forecasted to increase and further worsen the current energy crisis; we inevitably face the reality of not living in a load shedding-free South Africa.

Adding reverse osmosis systems for brackish and sea water can assist with the augmentation of water supplies in areas impacted by drought. Changes to water resources are critical to all sectors of the South African economy and climate change will have a devastating effect on the timing and quantity of water available for communities and industry. It is of utmost importance to construct new infrastructure, model accurate climate risk plans for climate change and repair or retrofit existing facilities.

Construct new infrastructure for aquifer recharge

Desalinated water or highly treated municipal sewage effluent could be artificially recharged into the aquifer to recharge it, thus increasing climate resilience for seasonal or extended periods of drought.

Diversify options for water supply

Diversifying sources helps with the potential of water supply dropping below demand. Examples of diversified source water portfolios include; water reuse, which refers to treated wastewater to produce potable water or implementing desalination where needed to combat water shortages or service down-time.

Finance and facilitate systems to reuse water

Reusing wastewater avails more water for other uses, by expanding supply and lowering the need to discharge into the environment. The negative impact on water quality may increase due to more frequent droughts; therefore, to limit wastewater discharges, use of reclaimed water in homes and businesses should be encouraged.

Understand potential water quality changes

For example, increased water temperatures will cause eutrophication and excess algal growth, which will reduce potable water quality. The quality of drinking water sources may also be compromised by increased sediment or nutrient inputs due to extreme weather events.

Model and monitor water conditions

Water monitoring detection technology can be placed at multiple key locations throughout the water distribution network.

These are only a few mitigation strategies to consider when trying to make an informed and sustainable decision on which water and energy solution to implement. We will guide you through the entire process and ensure that the needs of your organization or community are catered for. Speak to us today!