Membrane based desalination technologies have a stellar reputation in helping make water clean and safe to drink. Desalination is a renewable source of freshwater and is very beneficial in revitalizing groundwater resources.

Africa faces a unique challenge in that it has multiple factors affecting its progress in combating water scarcity in coastal communities. New technology innovations are pushing the low chemical dosing and high efficiency solution narrative forward – so now is a critical and optimal time to change mindsets.

Adding a renewable energy generator like Solar Photovoltaics, can further reduce the environmental impact of running such operations. The already dropping prices for the inclusion of an independent power or backup power source, like Solar to produce drinking water that is safe and clean, means even more savings in the entire plant cycle.

We have vast experience in engineering, procuring and constructing prime bespoke modular reverse osmosis solutions, coupled with sustainable solar power backup. Our systems can be used in emergencies to provide quick, high quality potable water.

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