The rapid increase of the human population paired with increased urbanization have led to large amounts of solid waste pollution that has a negative environmental impact on the flora and fauna, as well as terrestrial and aquatic life. Even though many methods have been applied to mitigate the solid waste pollution issue, such as recycling and reuse, the landfilling process is remains one of the main avenues for the disposal of solid waste.

Landfill leachate is defined as all water that has been in contact with waste stored in a landfill. It is caught in the drainage system and undergoes specialized wastewater treatment. Leachate treatment is important for the elimination of harmful contaminants and organic matter, that are illness causing and can pollute surface and groundwater. The chemical composition and parameters of leachate differs between landfill sites.

Is there a difference between leachate and wastewater?

Both leachate and wastewater are produced during the treatment of waste material, whether solid waste within landfill sites or sewage from anthropogenic activities.

Benefits of Decentralized Leachate Treatment

Leachate treatment is the optimal solution to help comply with the tightening discharge regulations on the quality of liquids that landfills send to municipal wastewater treatment plants or discharge directly into the environment. Decentralized treatment allow organization to deal with emerging contaminants which have been making headlines in the past years.

Decentralized leachate treatment reduces cost and environmental risk. Our patented solutions require minimal operator attention and can be remotely monitored. This eliminates the need for highly skilled staff and our systems are plug-and-play. MEB’s complimentary approach to sustainable engineering, means that we will provide indebt training to optimally prepare your organization for any unexpected occurrences.

Our on-site modular treatment solutions are a great alternative to the increasing costs associated with hauling leachate to a local wastewater treatment plant. These efficient and robust treatment solutions are designed to fulfill the specific needs of individual water quality needs, so as to allow discharge to municipal sewers or waterways without any hauling or disposal expenses.

If you want to learn more about the workings, technology or want to immediately start your sustainable water journey with our treatment solutions – then don’t hesitate to contact our team today!