Using robust infrastructure is key to creating smart resilient cities. Desalination has proven its benefits for many decades and is rapidly decreasing in cost to implement.

Smart sea- and brackish water reverse osmosis systems efficiently remove dissolved salts and other minerals from water and turn it to drinking water which can efficiently serve as a solution for areas that have limited freshwater resources and is the alternative source of water in times of severe drought or water stress.

As prime service provider in the desalination sector, we know how to take advantage of the innovative technologies on the market – to help people meet their basic needs, grow food, and gain independence to benefit their livelihoods. Our desalination systems produce far less brine and require reduced chemical dosing. There are some significant benefits of using proven desalination technology, which is why, MEB has positioned itself at the right intersection between consulting and implementation, to create a symbiotic relationship throughout the whole project cycle.

Reasons as to why desalination is a viable alternative to existing freshwater resources: 

  • Provides potable water (clean & fresh drinking water).
  • Provides water to the agricultural sector.
  • High quality water
  • Proven and effective technology.
  • Rejuvenates existing freshwater resources.
  • Climate change resilient
  • Plants are robust and modular.
  • Helps with environmental protection.

The lack of access to clean water as the sole cause of Africa’s high disease and poverty levels, failing infrastructure may be the ultimate betrayal of a basic human right in industrialized cities and towns. While the dire need for desalination to help substitute freshwater resources and provide safe, reliable drinking water to Africa’s water-scarce regions is unquestionable, reverse osmosis, in other words can do more for Africa’s communities than just suppling safe potable water. Introducing desalination can create jobs, revenue, and social stability for struggling communities on the continent.

The skills development, economic growth and stability that will come from reverse osmosis technology isn’t limited to only larger projects inside the water treatment sector itself. Many high-grossing industries require fresh water to operate, and desalination can provide the right prospects to secure the sustainability of these organizations.

In us, you have a project partner that will guide and accompany you from inception to commission and furthermore, places your business at a prime position to succeed and survive the increasing challenges faced by many services providers, municipalities and communities alike. There is no harm in making contact, exploring your options and creating the right climate for smart, solution driven technology transfer with a trusted partner.