While there is considerable variation, much of the frameworks surrounding water infrastructure maintenance and development continues to show an unwillingness for local-led urban development policies. There is now an increasing emphasis on the importance of structured, small scale water service providers and developers for improving access to water in the townships of South Africa, following several water infrastructure failures in many parts of the developing world. 

Water governance encompasses the political, socio-economic, and administrative structures that affect the use and management of water. It prescribes how one gains access to, when, how and who has the legal rights to water, its services as well as benefits. It is certainly challenging to find the right project partner to assist you with achieving your infrastructure and water security goals. 

Finding a good service provider or developer, to foster independent bilateral coordination across national, provincial, and local governmental structures will allow you to focus on where to invest in further growth and sustainability for your organization or community. Communities need a bigger sense of altruism to encourage the individual’s own sense of duty and responsibility; and to deeply investigate the overall benefit to society and owe a sense of responsibility to the community to which it belongs to. 

Here are some great reasons to consider speaking to us before you speak to anyone else: 

  • Strategic business units for the entire project cycle.
  • Broad range of energy, IoT and water infrastructure solutions.
  • Bundled service offering to close any potential service delivery gaps.
  • International experience from utility to small scale infrastructure solutions and services.
  • Integrated solutions for seamless operation.
  • Equity backed technology provider.

MEB Energy houses prime an engineering, procurement, and construction solution under one roof, to make taking the step toward a more sustainable future more accessible. You can bank on our specialized the implementation of patented centralized and decentralized high-tech infrastructure solutions.