Are you looking for innovative solutions for your water and wastewater treatment needs?  Then look no further! MEB, Energy is a leading global provider of water and energy solutions.

Specialists in Providing Advanced Treatment Solutions

MEB only uses cutting-edge technologies to treat water and wastewater to a higher standard than traditional systems. Our modular containerised solutions are capable of removing a wide range of pollutants, including organic matter, nitrogen, and phosphorus, and can produce high-quality effluent suitable for reuse – ideal for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment applications and can help reduce the environmental impact of wastewater discharge.


Desalination technology is a critical technology in our portfolio for providing clean water in areas where freshwater sources are limited. Our solutions use advanced technologies, such as reverse osmosis to remove salt and other contaminants from seawater or brackish groundwater.

Water Reuse

Water reuse solutions can help reduce water consumption and increase sustainability by treating and reusing wastewater. Our solution have a wide application range and can be used for irrigation, industrial processes, and domestic water needs.


Freshwater treatment is a critical process that ensures the availability of clean and safe water for human consumption. We have a complete offering for all water treatment steps that include coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, and disinfection. These processes are combined with our advanced systems that are designed to remove impurities, such as bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and sediments, from the water and make it safe for drinking.

Each of these carefully selected solutions is designed to provide reliable and cost-effective water supply and wastewater treatment. MEB offers a range of innovative solutions that can help meet the specific needs of communities, industries, and municipalities. By adopting these solutions, we can ensure a reliable and sustainable source of water for generations to come.

As a trusted technology partner, we are here to help you succeed and grow, so make sure to contact our progression staff for more information on what we offer.