Suburbs in the outlying areas of urban development’s require a means to treat and discharge their wastewater. Many of these areas have no access to full waterborne wastewater treatment systems and the overall infrastructure conditions often do not permit large cumbersome and unsustainable systems. The best option is, to either install a privately owned, on-site sewage treatment systems, commonly known as package plants

The National Water Act, 36 of 1998, General Authorizations requires that all plants must comply with the General Limit Values for the discharge of domestic wastewater as required by the General Authorizations promulgation in terms of section 39 of the National Water Act.

Package Plant Sizes

Different needs require different interventions and solutions. We provide different plant package sizes, which can be tailored further to your specific needs. Package plants are versatile modular power houses with integrated software to ensure all the needs of the operators and the beneficiaries are catered for, therewith creating a seamless interaction between human capacity building and technology innovation. Our mobile containerized plants are inspected and sampled strictly at planned intervals through trusted industry leaders, scientific experts and partners. This places you at the top level of sustainability, in terms of the provision of clean water. Ensuring that the response times are kept to a minimum and issues are resolved as soon as possible.

NIROBOX™ Benefits

  • Economy and Efficiency
    The preassembled Nirobox plants are housed in a standard shipping containers and are the perfect plug and play solution for reduced energy consumption.
  • Flexibility and Scalability
    the smart pre-engineering and design allows the Nirobox to be ready for integration with other systems and equipment, without causing major interruptions to existing processes.
  • Sustainability
    Low energy consumption and chemical use reduce the environmental impact of Nirobox plants.
  • Portability
    Nirobox’s modular containers can be easily moved for redeployment or resale should your watertreatment needs change.
  • Small Footprint
    Nirobox’s compact footprint minimizes environmental impact and lowers the cost of site maintenance.
  • Optimized Excellence
    The Nirobox’s operating systems are fully automated, and remotely monitored and operated, which allows optimization of flow rates, chemical consumption, energy consumption, and much more.
  • Smart water design

Smart equipment, means smart operation, and maintenance. Accurate reports drive productivity and reports are easily accessible from anywhere. Real-time alerts can be sent for system malfunctions or abnormal performance

Package plants are capable of achieving the highest standards of water treatment quality and service sustainability, if operated and maintained effectively. It’s a hard comeback from dealing with a non-compliant plant, which has already been paid for by tax payers, organizations and investors. One cannot deny that package plants are a viable option for new high-density developments, like South African Townships and other developments.

We ensure compliance with national standards and reduced impact/risks to the environment. MEB collaborates with the best and strives not only to provide a service, but a seamless experience for communities, package plant owners and municipalities.

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