A human cannot survive more than a few days without water, as the body needs water to keep organs functioning properly. Without water, our body would inevitably start shutting down, leading to dehydration and eventually death.

The ‘Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor’ (MABR) is a solution designed to provide the safest treatment of municipal wastewater, to preserve the life of the inhabitants and environment of this planet. We understand that to some, this all sounds like jargon, but that’s why we have positioned ourselves as a leader in comprehensive turnkey solutions for the water and wastewater sector.

The Science: The MABR system uses bubbleless aeration membrane material as the the biofilm carrier. The (MABR) is an aerobic biological treatment process based on a fixed film, unlike for membrane bioreactors which are based on a suspended growth process. Treatment processes in wastewater treatment can be aerobic or anaerobic and based on either suspended or fixed media.

About the Membrane: Our MABR is as unique as it sounds, equipped with a spirally-wound semi permeable membrane, this packaged solution, gives you a much longer lifespan with a reduced need for maintenance. From resorts, hotels, to rural communities and urban application, the MABR can do it all; making it the most efficient and energy conscious technology for domestic water treatment in the market. Furthermore the MABR is modular and scalable, with configurations ranging from small to utility scale supply, for retrofit or new builds.

The Container: The small-footprint, single-tank design of MABR modules allows containerized packaging for easy shipping. Starting from capacities capable of treating water in a 20ft container and up, which makes it the optimal solution for modular treatment requirements and easy upscaling, as and when the need arises.

MABR works excellently as a standalone treatment solution, but is an efficient addition to an existing plant that requires a capacity increase or for the improvement of the overall quality of treated water.

MEB is the definition of a prime turnkey technology solutions partner. We have gained the trust of the most demanding industries, through our advanced solutions, that are ready-to-go, just as easy as flipping the switch.