Benefits of Turnkey Project are numerous. MEB is a project developer that takes on projects till completion, you get to finance your project in milestones and paid on completion of the agreed outcomes outlined. MEB services and technology portfolio is renowned among the best and have an outstanding reputation in finishing the assigned to us in record time with the highest amount of efficiency possible.

What more could one need in a day and age riddled with uncertainty, governments dabbling with the total collapse of its structures and continued business closures, steadily increasing unemployment and investment aversion, than someone you can rely on? As for essential design and project decision-making processes, we come with an invaluable resource of value-added services and thrive on making things as comprehensive and headache-free as possible.

Using an inexperienced installer or developer, can have devastating effects on assets, organisations trying to provide a service to their customers and clients, which often represents the last attempt to bring better sustainability measures into the ecosystem of operations in existing infrastructure. We have plenty of alternative financing options available, as additional benefit.

An essential advantage associated with a turnkey project solution as choice, is being a part of a team dynamic that is geared toward your growth and prosperity. How do we continue to bring prime turnkey solutions to South Africa, even with continued blackouts and water cuts you ask?

  • ⎯ Mapping and analysing potential markets for clean energy powered desalination.
  • ⎯ Implementing energy efficient solutions. 
  • ⎯ Integrated and real time monitoring.
  • ⎯ Innovation, development, and demonstration.
  • ⎯ Education, training, and skills transfer 

We specialize in life cycle cost reduction, by optimizing the cost of producing thousands of cubic meters of water through desalination. Before we design, we consider all CAPEX (including debt servicing) and OPEX and may be adjusted by a predicted or actual plant operating data and parameters.

The new cost-efficient and environmentally friendly method of desalination, that we recommend, uses up to 80% less energy than its peers. By reducing the demand that drought places on our traditional water supplies, be rest assured that you are on the way to getting better and cleaner water from the trusted hands of specialists that are pioneers in conserving precious and finite water for domestic and commercial use.