Water will never be something we can live without. Existing water infrastructure challenges and risks, partly exacerbated due to failing infrastructures and plants. The World Bank estimated that every year we lose approximately 25-30% of the water managed by utilities, which economically speaking, results in a $14 million loss.

Digital investments in the water and wastewater sector will grow rapidly. Investments for advanced management of big data will grow even faster, at an annual rate of 11.9%. In the utility sector, expenses for digital and smart solutions are estimated to run into multibillions. South Africa is ever more interested in using water big data to achieve greater sustainability. We understand how important it is to analyse data to provide quality monitoring, thereby creating value for project owners, communities and government organizations.

We bring concrete data and advanced water solutions together, coupling it further with a long-term vision that contributes to protecting one of our planet’s most precious resource. Big Data has exploded in terms of integration in recent decades, and this trend is not going to stop anytime soon, it will change the way we work, play and sustain lives on this planet. The efficient integration of IoT hardware, faster access to the Internet, and advances in the computational power of mainstream on demand software have immensely complimented the feasibility for new advanced solutions, while making it more practical to implement without compromising existing processes.

The reach and applicability of Big Data are diversified, yet advancing fast in South Africa, as much as it may not seem this way. Our solutions give you the power and control to monitor your water treatment system, by combining software, hardware, wireless communications and sensors, world-renowned IoT water monitoring and analytics solutions help industries and hotels to increase productivity, and compliance while enhancing safety, sustainability and service delivery.

Water Solutions that are Driven by Analytics and Precision

  • Seawater
  • Brackish Water
  • Fresh Water
  • Modular Plants

South Africa is currently facing enormous challenges and limitations pertaining to the integration of said digital asset infrastructure solutions which are showing promising results. The future scope of Big Data is also considered one of the most fastest growing employment sectors, specifically in the infrastructure and utility services industries.

In a drive to provide novel Big Data infrastructure integrated solutions in one or more aspects of the water services sector; MEB has invested lots of its time in research that has been carried out in South Africa in recent years. Big Data has a big influence and a great importance to the provision of one of the most essential basic services. Several areas can be uprooted and analysed to optimise each and every process. MEB caters for a variety of applications, in the sub-fields of water, wastewater, energy and infrastructure management.

MEB´s industry-leading IoT monitoring and analytics solutions help industry leaders and governments increase productivity and maintain uninterrupted service excellence. Just make sure not forget to click the contact button before you leave our website, because a whole new world of technology innovation awaits you!