Water is a human right and an essential need, that ensures our survival. Islands and Coastal towns are at the forefront of climate change. Droughts happen more frequently and communities in Africa, who belong to some of the most vulnerable groups, are suffering heavily from the effects of industrialization. The key to unlocking more fresh water sources lies in the oceans. Desalination has changed over the years and has become cheaper and more sustainable.

MEB uses the elements in its favor by combing two essential solutions into one effective water and energy powerhouse. South Africa has an abundance of sea water, but suffers continuous water outages and cuts, couple with the menacing events of loadshedding. Combing the power of the sea and the sun can provide safe access to potable water from unlimited sources. Solar powered desalination ensures independence and security.

Access to sea water or brackish water is conventionally done via borehole or open intake, the larger particles are first filtered through a so-called pre-filtration process. Then desalination takes place using reverse osmosis membranes, the fresh water has to be remineralizer and treated for final consumption. It’s temporarily stored in a reservoir and is then fed into the main reticulation lines, bringing you freshwater to communities and industry.

What if we told you all this can be a achieved with utilizing solar energy power source? The amount of energy our NIROBOX™️ systems require is reduced by 80%, through its revolutionary energy recovery devices, that come standard with our NIROBOX™️ family of solutions. This technology uses the residual energy of the brine (highly concentrated saline water) leaving the reverse osmosis membranes, this means we can reduce the amount of solar modules needed by approximately 4x.

To cope with the fluctuating weather conditions, like cloudiness or other external factors, we ensure that the systems battery storage capacity is flexible enough to deal with an unforeseeable negative event that could occur. Our systems require minimum operator attention, modular and robust. Before regular shutdowns or longer periods of no operation, the membranes are automatically flushed to keep the membranes running for longer.  Our modular and pre-engineers solutions come in convenient capacities, as a hybrid that can be remotely operated and controlled, enabling you to potentially double water production in the low demand hours.

MEB solutions are a must-have for remote applications or emergency demand, due to their compact yet robust design and the plug & play style integration. Speak to one of our trained experts today for more information on our hybrid solutions.