Remember when we thought that we would be in flying in cars by the year 2000? Well, we may not be there yet, but we are certainly getting closer by the day. One thing that will remain a constant though, is the sustainability of new innovations and designs.

The energy crisis, underspending of budgets, vandalism of infrastructure and the overall power and water insecurity, polarizes the positive impact that functional and trustworthy Public-Private Partnerships can have on a developing nation, with an economic hub poised to lead the entire country and SADC region with its huge potential to create jobs and maintain the dignity of the people living in it. The International Energy Agency believes the acceleration of renewable power projects worldwide will see it overtake coal as the largest source of electricity generation by 2025.

Gauteng is situated in the central north-east of South Africa, covering an area of 18 179 km2 and home to over 15 million lives, organized in a bustling region of geographically unique landscape and cities. In this polycentric metropolitan style province, the most important economic nodes are Johannesburg and Pretoria, and a number of other to the GDP very important urban centres. The broader Gauteng city-region (GCR) is a functional economy that stretches from Witbank and Secunda, incorporates the towns of Sasolburg, Rustenburg and as well as other outlying central business districts and concentrations of populations around the Metros of Johannesburg, Ekuruleni and Tswane.

MEB brings a different perspective on greening Gauteng, the economic hub of Southern Africa, a place where cultures mix and create an abundance of a rainbow of innovative cities and spaces. We are specialists in sustainable finance, financing models, standards, norms and solutions that encourage  environmental protection, energy efficiency m, technology innovation and more specifically to facilitate a just energy transition, to restore the dignities of many communities in the province without power and water.

Sustainable financing and design solutions that support long-term social and economic sustainability are the cornerstone of our business model. We partner with world-class innovators and change-makers through various sustainable infrastructure solutions, coupled with world-class advisory services and technology for high-impact mid- to large-scale energy, IoT and water projects.

Areas we excel in and have expert knowledge on:

  • Equity Funding
  • Professional Finance Team
  • Support on all Infrastructure Design and Funding Matters
  • Joint Ventures
  • Turnkey Solutions (EPC)
  • New Technology and Infrastructure Innovations
  • Smart Cities and Villages
  • Decentralized and Modular Packaged Water Treatment solutions

MEB is a long-standing market leader in water, power, oil and gas projects for all sectors of industry. You now have a partner that you can trust, a partner in the entire project life cycle from design to implementation. Our portfolio of solutions will leave you wanting to change the way you do business, with its integrated and scalable design.  Book a meeting with our Experts online for more way to get your water and power projects up and running.