Whenever you see waters too clear, it doesn’t always mean something is going right.  That means there is no life. More creatures live in the oceans than on land, with over 12 000 marine species in South African waters alone.

Large-scale heavy metal pollution, coastal erosion and seawater intrusion pose an existential threat for animals and humans alike. Access to clean water has and always will be a reason many nations will start wars for, if equitable access to water is not achieved. The bureaucratic frameworks for working with water infrastructure is the one aspect partially slowing the progression of the implementation of advanced water treatment solutions.

Decades of poor environmental and water management turned the Vaal River from a flourishing ecological habitat to one of the largest polluted areas in South Africa; with many people, marine creatures and even migrating birds at risk of exposure to water-borne contaminants. Public funds will not suffice to transform the South African economy to a green economy, hence it is of utmost importance for governments and industry to find the right type of funding to empower the Greentech sector from trustworthy technology partners, like MEB.

It important to have a balanced water treatment system, that allows life to flourish?

Our fundamental approach is to implement systems that rejuvenate the environment while supplying impeccable quality water. As a turnkey solutions provider with global experience, MEB recognises the need to manage the relationship between business, energy and the environment.  We understand the value of revolutionising the water and energy sector, by not only moving with the times, but ensuring we are always one step ahead from the rest. Over the past decade, we have had to adapt to numerous challenges and have adopted an agile approach to the many facets in our sector. We don’t just design but analyse how resource scarcity affects vulnerable groups and how these impacts can be prevented or reduced with our bespoke and efficient portfolio of technologies.

MEB supports communities on the continent by implementing equity-oriented infrastructure solutions and measures. Our designs are based on solutions that facilitate the reversal of socio-spatial polarization in the living and working conditions of communities in sub-Sahara Africa. Dive into the world of greentech and speak to our team of experts to face your water and waste challenges head-on.