Day in and day out, millions of cubic metres of wastewater is discharged from residences, businesses, and industry into municipal sewer systems. Municipal wastewater is one of the culprits in respect of pollution to surface waters in South Africa. Before being released to the environment, the wastewater needs to be collected, stored, treated and redistributed or discharged into nature. A higher efficiency in wastewater treatment affects the quality of treated effluent and has a smaller environmental impact.

Planet Earth’s total freshwater reserves accounts for only 2.5% – and from this amount only 0.4% is safe for human consumption. Water reuse is the practice of reclaiming water from a variety of sources, treating it, and reusing it for beneficial purposes.  Water reuse is increasingly necessary due to drinking water shortages and the growing needs of the South African population. Also referred to as water reclamation, regardless of the terms used, it remains a complex subject that doesn’t only look into one technology to achieve the optimal quality water. This, to an expert is common sense, but for many institutions and communities in need of reuse technology; this is a subject far beyond their comprehension for the simple fact that they are dealing with other realities.

Water Reuse Applications  

Planned water reuse has many beneficial attributes, all of which contribute to the sustainability of organisations and facilities that serve communities who seek to optimize their overall water use by reusing water as much as possible, before the water is reintroduced to the environment. Some examples of planned reuse include agricultural and landscape irrigation, industrial process water, potable water supplies, and groundwater supply management.

  • Irrigation for agriculture
  • for landscaping e.g. parks, public facilities, and golf courses
  • water supply
  • for Industry e.g. power plants, refineries, mills, and factories
  • Dust control or surface cleaning of roads, construction sites, and other trafficked areas
  • Concrete mixing and other construction processes
  • Environmental rejuvenation.

Our systems efficiently remove unwanted contaminants at the lowest possible energy demand in their respective classes; to give organisations and beneficiaries the peace of mind they deserve. Using a bespoke system that is modelled according to international standards will inevitably protect your health and the environment, improve taste and odour, to give you prime quality water.

MEB is a total solutions company that provides robust systems for the toughest water needs. Discharge safe water into the environment by using fit for purpose water treatment solutions that meet even the most stringent regulations. Contact Us and speak to one of our experts!