The lights of the cities draw us far and wide, more than half of us live in urban dwellings. The convenience of having everything within easy access via public transportation, a short drive, or even walking distance, means that more and more urbanisation will happen, as communities look to improve their livelihoods. Every social condenser, in terms of infrastructure has an upper limit in within its parameters – many of which directly have an economic knock-on effect on the less fortunate communities within the cities.

What is a twin transition?

A twin transition is the intersection of where digital- meets civil infrastructure. It recognizes that there is a huge and untapped opportunity for technology and data to drive Africa’s sustainability goals.

Africa needs to build more infrastructure in a shorter period of time, than ever had to be built in Europe; while at the same time, many African nations are gearing up for ‘the digital revolution’ in the infrastructure sector. Every day architects, urban planners and engineers around the world work together with big data applications to change the trajectory of the future of the African continent. Municipal and industrial water Infrastructure on the African continent is certainly going to lead the global pack – for one simple reason, there is a lot to be done and everything that will be done will have to have a “green” framework encapsulating that vision.

Cities are no more mono-functional and urban densification in the modern area, has taken over. From multipurpose eco estates to special economic zones, packing flexibility in a small dense space, to optimally use infrastructure and efficiently serve communities, will be the much needed  shift in design thinking the continent needs. Southern African Cities are growing outward, requiring more space, trying to adapt to increased urbanization and population growth.

MEB didn’t enter the market with a stubborn “fixed way of thinking” with regards to what water solutions in Africa should look like and be able to achieve. Our team has brought to life numerous futuristic, yet functional bespoke solutions, that have reshaped the way sustainable infrastructure is designed and implemented.

Customized, reliable solutions for the treatment of drinking water, rainwater as well as municipal and industrial wastewater including sludge recycling for a multitude of industries, is how we make our daily bread and that’s why we want to bring excellence to the table. We know that a happy and carefree country, equals a healthy and economically blossoming society. Speak to our team of experienced professionals to sneak a peak into your future.