Healthy forest watersheds are key for our water security, fire resiliency, flood control, and storing carbon in a rapidly changing climate. Water resource management practices help reduce flooding, prevent erosion, protect water quality and quantity, and reduce the impacts of drought while protecting essential ecosystems. South Africa is divided into 9 biomes (a biome is a large area characterized by its vegetation, soil, climate, and wildlife) that share certain ecological and climatic characteristics. The grasslands form the biggest of these biomes, covering about a third of the country.

Grasslands and Forests essential to South Africa’s Groundwater Resources

Grasslands play a vital role in ecosystem processes. Grasslands are the great collectors of rainwater in South Africa. They reduce runoff and thus erosion, hold the water as ground water, or in wetlands, and release it slowly throughout the year. This sponge effect ensures that rivers run throughout the year, even in the dry season. Ensuring a steady supply of water is critical to human survival and to economic development, South Africa’s only option is to recharge water supply by introducing advanced water and wastewater solutions that seamlessly integrate to existing processes. The supply of water from the grassland catchments is incapable of sustaining the rapid urbanization.

Reusing wastewater in forestry connects water re-use and nutrient recycling. This solution can practically address water scarcity, help to maintain tree vegetation, and provide multiple ecosystem benefits. In addition, forests can filter wastewater, which reduces treatment costs. Mammals, threatened reptiles and amphibians, bird species rely on a well-functioning and nourished environment – grassland plants are used as traditional medicines in many communities, and they provide free grazing for livestock and other animals.

Efficient wastewater treatment with the modular MABR solution, can supply high quality water for reuse to nourish and rejuvenate grasslands and forests. We maintain the strongest partnerships and use proven technology that can tackle your water treatment or supply challenges. Contact our experienced staff for more on our wastewater solutions.