Fish products require a multi-stage process to treat the wastewater. Many industries are struggling with high salt concentrations in their wastewater and the releasing of optimally treated effluent.

MEB designs units for all treatment needs, including fish processing, worldwide. The fish processing industry uses municipal water for factory operations, primary and secondary fish processing, drinking, making of ice and fresh water supply to vessels.

Water Decontamination at a glance

Water decontamination includes all those methodologies and strategies that make it possible to purify water that shows signs of different types of contamination, with the aim of turning it into a usable resource for different uses. Thus, water decontamination systems are essential for the optimal and effective reclamation of an increasingly scarce resource and to combat the dangers associated with inefficient systems.

The most important part of fish processing operations is the fish being made ready for distribution and the operations in the factory. The Fishing industry wastewater is very toxic. The amount of pollution in wastewater depends on the various parameters, however.

The wastewater of the fishing industries can be divided into three areas, displaying different levels of contamination. Depending on the level of contamination different treatment options are to be adopted. It’s known that the most polluted byproduct is the wastewater derived from the fish industry.

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