The physical, socioeconomic, and political challenges in southern Africa with regards to water resources are acute. Mozambique’s Southern Regional Water Board (ARA-Sul) warned that the Maputo river, near the border with South Africa, has risen beyond flood alert level. Agricultural fields near the banks of the river may been inundated with dangerous flood risks, and the waters have cut the road between the Catuane administrative post and the Madubula locality [Matutuíne district, Maputo province].

Water issues have repeatedly been triggers of conflict and of political and military action. In an era of globalisation, increased trade across regions of the world, has led to increased cross-border cooperation between African nations. There are huge opportunities to optimise sub-Saharan Africa’s diverse and abundant renewable energy resources through an interconnected power system and cross-border electricity trade, to ensure sustainable water provision especially within the frameworks of transboundary water governance and management. Energy and Economic Growth can be closely associated to increased regional power and water trade between neighbouring countries.

Current policy and investment plans in African countries will not meet energy needs, and the region will continue to suffer from a lack of access to modern energy services. Close to 600 million people still must live without easily accessible electricity – fewer than half (43%) of communities on the African continent have a reliable supply.

Private Sector Participation

Southern African Governments need to stimulate small, micro and medium enterprises (SMME) through supply-side measures (provision of water and power) and demand-side measures (reforms to policy to ensure access for SMMEs to contracts), to enable them to flourish and create a thriving economy.

The private sector can play a very important role in helping accelerate the process a just energy transition and equitable digital transformation. The private sector needs to collaborate with government and private enterprises to leverage new technologies for inclusive infrastructure.

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